Test failures in 5.1, different people making different fixes for the same problem

This is what’s happening at the moment. 5.1 tree doesn’t pass the tests, both Sun and Monty Program fix that, and the fixes are different. Here is a Valgrind warning which was fixed twice: my fix my fix (correct link) made the involved mysys function to do what its name implies while Alfranio’s fix changed the replication code not to call that function anymore.

Besides the Valgrind warning, we observe failures for rpl_trigger.test and query_cache_28249.test (if you follow the links you’ll have to grep for test name. Buildbot has some room for improvent). I get these failures in maria-5.1-table-elimination tree. The problem is that when the failure is random (the query cache one is) or when I get it after merging from main, I cannot easily tell whether

  • the problem is in my new code
  • the problem is in MariaDB
  • the problem is in the original MySQL
    • and they are not aware, or
    • they are aware and there is no fix yet
    • they are aware and have the fix in some team tree (merges from team trees to main can happen as rarely as once a month)

I think we’ll have to take the main branch and have our Buildbot run tests for it, too. We’d like to add all publicly available trees (when analyzing random test failures it is the more runs the better), but our small population of build slaves (volunteers welcome!) will not manage to do that many test runs.


  1. I can highly recommend MySQL Sandbox for manually testing against released versions (incl replication setups) to see if something is a new or old problem.


  2. Vasil Risto says:

    The link to your fix is probably wrong.


  3. sergey says:


    Indeed, thanks. Fixed the link.


  4. sergey says:


    argree.. once we make a release and start getting bugs we should look at setting up a set of sandboxes somewhere..


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