Evgen's CONNECT BY patch is in… PostgreSQL (oops, actually not. more details inside)

Evgen Potemkin is a developer in query optimizer team at MySQL, we’ve been working together for about 3 years now. So, it was a bit unexpected to read in the PostgreSQL news that (originally) his CONNECT BY patch has made it into PostgreSQL. No, we don’t have people coding for two DBMSes at the same time (yet?), the patch has been developed years before Evgen has joined MySQL.

One of the questions raised by the prospect of becoming a part of Sun was whether/how we will handle being a part of company that develops other DBMS as well. I suppose this patch news sets a good start.

It turns out the patch is not in the PostgreSQL tree after all. It is just people at http://www.postgresql.at (which is NOT just a different name for http://www.postgresql.org, and that was my error) merged the patch into a 8.3 version of PostgreSQL and made the result available to download).

Sorry for creating confusion, and thanks to those who pointed this out in the comments.


  1. Note that “made it into PostgreSQL” is fairly missleading here. the CONNECT BY patch you are talking about has been proposed and rejected by the postgresql development team before.
    There is work undergoing to implement the SQL Standard WITH RECURSIVE feature(in a completely different way) but the news you are refering to only contain a port of the old CONNECT BY patch and will not be part of the main product.


  2. p says:

    Sorry, but the patch has not made into PostgreSQL, and the official stance is that it will never make into it.
    Simply put, it’s a very useful patch and someone keeps it up to date with the new PostgreSQL releases and even took the time to make a patched sourcecode available


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