Slides: New subquery optimizations in MySQL 6.0

A bunch of (hopefully) self-explanatory slides about new subquery optimizations in MySQL 6.0 is available here (UPDATE: here’s a working link). The slides are from this MySQL University session, so there was an audio stream but there were some difficulties with it and it is not available now.

If you miss the audio, the next opportunity to hear about this topic is the New Subquery Optimizations in MySQL 6.0 session I’m giving at the MySQL User Conference on April, 15th.

If you don’t miss the audio, please check out the mentioned session anyway – we already have more content than there are in the slides, and I expect to get even more till the MySQL UC.



  1. sergey says:

    Indeed, 404. It seems the problem that took down the audio is now spreading to slides as well. Here’s the working link:

    Click to access NewOptimizerFeaturesIn-6_0.pdf

    Stan thanks for pointing this out.


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